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Enjoy greater confidence and use your new NLP and coaching skills with flair and precision in your chosen field.  We have over 20 years experience in delivering world-class personal development. Train with us, and you'll realise your innate depth and potential and feel empowered to make the positive difference you want in the world. 

Subsidised bursary places available for NHS Health Professionals.  

Tuition-paid places for mental health charities. 

Web design isn't our specialism - but developing life-enriching self-awareness and profound levels of skill is. Enjoy browsing our offerings, articles and research, and if you have any questions at all - about NLP, mBIT Coaching, the Enneagram - or how working together might help you,  let's arrange a conversation (and enjoy a cup of tea on zoom together while the world gets back to functioning more normally.)  

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Corona Virus Update:

Due to the Corona virus pandemic we moved to a new  spacious and well-ventilated, training environment. We also took the decision to postpone our in-person training events until May 2021, and we have been enjoying safe, comfortably spaced,  face-to-face trainings ever since.
However, as it is harder to ventilate the training room in cold weather, some of our winter workshops were rescheduled and will now run in the Spring /Summer 2022, when we can have the french windows open and enjoy working outside in the garden. In the meantime - Keep very well, enjoy life and take good care of yourself and others and we'll look forward to seeing you soon...


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“Dr Henrie Lidiard is one of the finest NLP Master Trainers in the world. She combines her scientific rigour and precision with an exciting and energizing teaching style. She has also done outstanding work in the public health community and in the field of modelling. She is one of the leading authorities in NLP on working with physiology.”

Dr Wyatt Woodsmall
(Co-Founder of INLPTA)

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