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Ann Slack - Consultant Trainer

Ann Slack - NLP TrainerAnn has been delivering  NLP training courses for over a decade. She has a wealth of experience and a wonderful ability to make learning enjoyable and fun with a relaxed and informal style that allows her to work with groups in a flexible and responsive way.

Ann began her career with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy and later obtained a masters degree in Philosophy.  Her appreciation of the value of thinking skills led her to develop courses in Clear Thinking, which she taught in adult education classes for fourteen years. Drawing on her experience of work in alcoholism treatment and social services, Ann continued to develop these courses, combining personal development and interpersonal skills with rigorous critical thinking.

Building on this understanding, she designed and delivered innovative and successful courses for people with mental health problems.  As she developed her interest in NLP, she was able to integrate these skills into the courses. Often teaching people with little formal education and low levels of confidence, Ann was able to communicate these ideas effectively so that students could use them to improve their confidence, their interpersonal skills and  draw on a variety of strategies to improve their mental health and well being.

As part of these courses, Ann was given time to work with students individually on more personal and challenging issues. As a result of her work in this area and in her private practice, she has considerable experience of using NLP to help people to deal with difficulties and to make long-lasting and worthwhile changes. Having witnessed the profound changes that people have achieved using NLP, Ann is committed to making these skills more widely available.  A credible research base is essential to make this possible. She has been delighted to be involved in several research projects. This has included the Health and Mental Health projects mentioned above and a project on the value of NLP training in the voluntary sector.

Ann has provided NLP training courses to many varied groups. These have included health service professionals, people with mental health problems, local community groups and oil company engineers in Abu Dhabi. This extensive experience informs her work on the trainings, enabling our course participants to develop the confidence and skill to use NLP effectively and to make a profound difference in the world.


“Dr Henrie Lidiard is one of the finest NLP Master Trainers in the world. She combines her scientific rigour and precision with an exciting and energizing teaching style. She has also done outstanding work in the public health community and in the field of modelling. She is one of the leading authorities in NLP on working with physiology.”

Dr Wyatt Woodsmall
(Co-Founder of INLPTA)

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