Henrie Lidiard

Dr Henrie Lidiard  (Proprietor and Lead Trainer at NLP in the North) is an INLPTA Master Trainer and her trainings are characterised by enthusiasm, warmth, flexibility and deep subject knowledge. Henrie began her career as a successful research scientist studying complex natural systems. Whilst managing research projects she became interested in ways to enhance creativity and how to enable collaborative achievement.  She stepped out of the academic system in 1997 and into to a blue chip environment to gain experience in business.

Henrie has more than 20 years experience in delivering INLPTA accredited NLP courses, within the private, public and voluntary sectors; and in 2004 she qualified as one of only a handful of INLPTA’s Master Trainers in the UK.  She has been developing and innovating in the field of NLP for many years and has co-trained with Wyatt Woodsmall, the founder of INLPTA on more than 12 INLPTA Trainers Trainings internationally (including co-hosting the last two in West Yorkshire). She is also a member of the NLP Leadership Summit.

She is certified in Advanced Behavioural ModellingTM and has modelled the skills of elite entrepreneurs. Henrie has also been instrumental in developing rigorous independent research on the applications and effects of NLP in the fields of health (palliative care, MRI Radiography), education and in mental health.

She is developing her skills all the time and her NLP trainings are supported by her love of the Enneagram and Mindfulness (she is an Enneagram Institute Accredited Trainer). She has been a student of the Ridhwan School since 2010. She is also experienced in the theory and application of Spiral Dynamics, has extensive training in physical approaches to change and is a Master Practitioner in Robert Fletcher’s Thought Pattern Management. Recently she qualified as an mBIT Master Coach and Trainer using Multiple Brain Integration Techniques developed by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu.  In her spare time, Henrie loves making stained glass and walking in the Yorkshire countryside.

‘NLP in the North’  is part of Go Beyond, coaching, training and consulting’ .