Spring is just around the corner

I was walking along a footpath on my way to our local surgery the other day and noticed some little green shoots - snowdrops making their welcome appearance after all the recent snow, ice and cold weather. I always find them such a hopeful sign that Spring isn’t so very far away now, a reminder of gentle, changes occurring naturally. White flowers making their way towards the daylight, long before we might have noticed any shift in the season.  


I have loved NLP for a long time - but it is still possible to be reminded of how helpful and life affirming the simplest of tools can be.  I was facing a challenge recently and I reached for the simplest tool in the NLP book: the Present State, Desired State model.  In a nutshell this model gets us to explore -  ‘Where are we now?’  And then in lots more detail and richness, ‘Where do we want to be instead?’  There may well be things that we cannot change about a situation however we can think about it differently….
With a leap of imagination we can ask:


Supposing I woke up one day and it was fixed … what would that be like”?

As I begin to really explore these questions in a rich sensory way – my state begins to shift, I start to relax and feel more positive and in control.   The issue seems like a much smaller part of the picture, not the whole.  My thoughts are filled with more colour and vibrancy and a sense of calm and normality returns.  In this state of mind – my body feels more relaxed and at ease and I can trust I’ll make the best choices available. Gentle, positive changes, happening naturally.

We wish you every success and happiness as you grow in 2015! 
Warmest regards from
Henrie and
NLP in The North 

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