Introduction to mBraining

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Introduction to mBraining

This short video explains what mBraining is and what it can do for you:

This second, longer video was recorded from a collaborative webinar co-delivered with Christine Adames. (You'll hear Christine's voice first).  The webinar was designed to introduce mBraining for an audience of Enneagram professionals who were new to the subject, so it contains a few references to the Enneagram and how both models intersect. (It was also my very first webinar - so there are a few clunky moments with my use of the mute button!) I hope you enjoy it.

Find out about mBraining training here

mBIT Coaching Certification

Professional mBIT Coach

4-Day mBIT Professional Coaching Certification Training

   5th - 8th December  2024

'Early Bird' rate £875.00  (by 20th October 2024)  Full price £1,300 

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What is mBIT?

It is a whole new field based on a combination of neuroscience research and ancient wisdom.   mBIT stands for “Multiple Brain Integration Techniques”  and is a brilliant and elegant extension of NLP  (though you don’t require prior training in NLP to learn it).   Many ancient traditions have described our “3 centres of intelligence” and methods to bring them into balance.  Now Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu have integrated this ancient wisdom with modern insights from neuroscience, brain imaging and behavioural psychology to create an elegantly simple, powerful and transformative approach to leadership and coaching training. 

mBIT enables you to:

In short – on this Coach Certification Training, not only will you experience beautifully simple and profoundly deep change-work, but you will take your skills in coaching, and leadership to a whole new level.

You can find more information about mBIT and its originators. You can also find out more about our venue (The Mercure Bankfield Hotel, Bingley) and their bed and breakfast rates.

Choose the payment method you prefer: You can book and pay the deposit by debit or credit card, we can invoice you (or your employer) directly to pay by BACS or you can still pay by cheque.  (If you would prefer to talk to us about paying in instalments by standing order, do contact us by phone or email.)

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all about booking, local accommodation or the mBIT Coach Certification training itself.