J. W. (Therapist and educator)

The training has been a voyage of fun and laughter!  It came at a difficult time for me, and all aspects of the NLP that we learned have helped me through this. The training has been fantastic, raising my self-awareness and developing deeper skills and knowledge which have been so useful both professionally and personally.

This course has been inspirational and I have learned loads.I am clearer, I am energised and it has had a positive impact on every area of my life.

Every minute was a demonstration of the NLP principles in action. I  now have more self-awareness, and understanding of others and a far greater enjoyment of my everyday life experience.

Master Practitioner student

My Master Practitioner has given me more personal resources for dealing with life's challenges.  Confidence in using NLP techniques for myself and for others.

Master Prac student

I loved it all!  I am taking away personal growth and development, a sense of "belonging," deep connections and friendships.. oh and lots of NLP.

Master Practitioner student

The whole experience has been pleasure.  Henrie creates such a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment and imparts rich and complex information with ease.  All courses should be taught like this! What am I taking away from the master prac? Greater confidence, self-awareness and skill in so many aspects of my life.  Hugely enjoyable, with some great connections and in all a totally inspiring and positive learning experience.

The quality of the training was exceptional: sensitive, informed, gentle and inclusive instruction.

If you are wondering whether to do an NLP Master Practitioner course -  Look no further than Henrie and NLP in the North.  You'll receive a world-class training and qualification.

Jacci Wright

Henrie is a fantastic exponent of the science, craft, lifestyle, purpose of NLP. Henrie has a fantastic way of training that makes learning even the most complex concept seem almost effortless.  Amazing - there is no other description.

Nikki Adams (Neuro physio)

This is a fantastic course for developing awareness of self and others. Paced over 6 months + it allows time for reflection and practice. Exceptional training!