Why train with us?

In addition to being hugely enjoyable and transformational, here are some reasons you may wish to study with us:

1. NLP in the North accredits NLP Trainings through INLPTA (the International NLP Trainers Association), the internationally recognised ‘gold standard’ in NLP certification. (INLPTA guarantees quality, professionalism and ethics in NLP training).
2. We have been delivering excellent INLPTA accredited courses since 1999. We also have a proven track record in skilfully applying NLP in a wide variety of contexts (including ‘blue-chip’ and SME businesses, the NHS, utilities companies, education and the voluntary sector). You are in safe, skilled and experienced hands.
3. Our Accredited NLP programmes are led by Dr Henrie Lidiard, one of very few INLPTA Master Trainers in the UK. She has assisted and co-trained with Wyatt Woodsmall on more than 14 INLPTA Trainers Trainings to date. She is ideally placed to prepare master practitioners who may wish to go on to more advanced INLPTA programmes such as the Trainer, Master Trainer, Consultant or Master-Coach trainings.
4. We train in small, friendly and informal groups – so you are able to have more contact time, more 1:1 support and coaching. It is simply a deeper learning experience. N.B. As numbers are limited, BOOK EARLY to secure your place.
5. In our trainings you learn powerful mind-body techniques that build your creativity, enhance your learning and enable you to consistently get better results with less effort.
6. You learn from our trainers’ ongoing research on the efficacy of applied NLP (They have both been instrumental in ground-breaking research in the health and mental health contexts.)
7. Our trainers have a passion for applying practical NLP in the world, and also have outstanding content knowledge. We give both depth and clarity in explaining NLP content and theory.
8. Your learning is stimulating, fun and effective because we use accelerated learning techniques and the INLPTA format system. Your questions are answered and given attention as we provide frequent opportunities for open frames and discussion of the syllabus. Your training manual is comprehensive.
9. You will leave with a clear understanding of NLP principles combined with deep levels of practical skill. You will also develop the confidence, creativity and flair to apply your skills in your field of interest.
10. On our advanced courses you’ll learn how modelling is really done!  Henrie is an experienced modeller and is also accredited in Advanced Behavioural Modelling (TM). She trained with Wyatt Woodsmall the world’s foremost expert on modelling. She has also modelled the skills of elite entrepreneurs. Mastering modelling with NLP in the North will give you a fantastic ability to enhance both your performance, and that of others in your fields of interest. In personal terms it adds tremendous pleasure, freedom and flexibility to learning new skills. In professional terms it saves you time and money and really builds your competitive edge. It increases productivity and performance in quantifiable ways. Modelling can also make you money and give you and/or your business a powerful unique selling point.
11. Your NLP training experience is enriched by our ongoing development from pioneers in their fields. Henrie's fields of interest include:
·         TPM (‘Thought Pattern Management’ with Robert Fletcher),
·         Thought Provoking Dialogue (Frank Farrelly and Phil Jeremiah),
·         The Enneagram (with Don Riso and Russ Hudson) ,
·         Educational Kinesiology, (The Edu-K Foundation)
·         Spiral Dynamics (with both Don Beck and Chris Cowan),
·         Spiritual Development (Sandra Maitri, Joyce Lyke and Tejo Jordan)

and mBIT Coaching or 'Multiple Brain Integration Techniques' developed by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at Bangor University: Centre for Mindfulness Research.

12. We are committed to your success and the quality of your learning, so our assessment is ongoing rather than a written test at the end. (N.B. unlike some providers, there is no additional charge for your certification and your certificate does not expire after a set time period!)

“Dr Henrie Lidiard is one of the finest NLP Master Trainers in the world. She combines her scientific rigour and precision with an exciting and energizing teaching style. She has also done outstanding work in the public health community and in the field of modelling. She is one of the leading authorities in NLP on working with physiology.”

Dr Wyatt Woodsmall
(Co-Founder of INLPTA)

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