Enneagram workshops with Henrie Lidiard

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We will explore:

  • Methods for deepening our presence and connection to the present moment
  • What we mean by personality
  • What the Enneagram is and how it has been developed
  • The three centres of intelligence in a human being (The head centre, the heart centre and the belly centre)
  • Levels of health and the fluidity of personality moment by moment
  • Each of the 9 personality types
  • Specific practices that will assist you in your own growth and development

How will we do that?

We will be exploring this material in a small, friendly group. The teaching will be relaxed and informal and in addition to the input of ideas and theory we will be experiencing different meditative practices, movement exercises plus small group inquiries and discussions and questions and answer sessions.

If you would like to find out more about the Enneagram here are some links that could help you explore further:

For The Enneagram Institute - click here

If you’d like to take a questionnaire to help you find your type, you might like to purchase the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) for $12.00.  You could also contact Henrie for an IEQ9 Questionnaire and full professional report.  With either test you can also book additional coaching sessions to explore your developmental journey.

For further exploration you can enjoy my favourite  books by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson,  and other excellent reads by Sandra Maitri, Claudio Naranjo, A H Almass and Dr David Daniels  among others

If you have any questions at all do get in touch.

INLPTAEnneagram workshops with Henrie Lidiard

“Dr Henrie Lidiard is one of the finest NLP Master Trainers in the world. She combines her scientific rigour and precision with an exciting and energizing teaching style. She has also done outstanding work in the public health community and in the field of modelling. She is one of the leading authorities in NLP on working with physiology.”

Dr Wyatt Woodsmall
(Co-Founder of INLPTA)

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