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Introduction to mBraining

This short video explains what mBraining is and what it can do for you:

This second, longer video was recorded from a collaborative webinar co-delivered with Christine Adames. (You'll hear Christine's voice first).  The webinar was designed to introduce mBraining for an audience of Enneagram professionals who were new to the subject, so it contains a few references to the Enneagram and how both models intersect. (It was also my very first webinar - so there are a few clunky moments with my use of the mute button!) I hope you enjoy it.

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“Dr Henrie Lidiard is one of the finest NLP Master Trainers in the world. She combines her scientific rigour and precision with an exciting and energizing teaching style. She has also done outstanding work in the public health community and in the field of modelling. She is one of the leading authorities in NLP on working with physiology.”

Dr Wyatt Woodsmall
(Co-Founder of INLPTA)

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